Our Story

It's about the destination AND the journey, plan well.

We're a motely crew, by design, a growing team of explorers with an insatiable curiosity about life, with diverse life experiences that add value to our journey, whether leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, visionaries, executives or anyone else who, regardless of age, race, or status in life, have a burning desire for personal and professional growth. 

Growth is at the core of what drives our mission. And while most have heard "it's about the journey, not the destination," we see it differently and act accordingly. We believe it is about BOTH the journey AND the destination. And while we may not end up at our imagined destination, a journey without a passionately desired destination, is nothing more than a drifter, wandering aimlessly, like a pinball bouncing around and reacting to what life throws at them next. We on the other hand have a specific destination in mind, with complete flexibility to appreciate that while on our journey, "life will surprise us" and we will need to adjust our trip plans in response while learning, thus growing from the experience. This is why we believe knowing where you want to go with intense focus is so important - the journey is going to happen whether you know where you want to go or not, but if you have a destination IN MIND and work toward that end, more times than not, life, the journey, will be better than you could ever dream. Will there be struggles and challenges, of course, that is why it's called a journey. We welcome you to explore our platforms and join us on this journey through life as we support one another in reaching our dreams, our journey to a mutual destination.

Here is an excellent #GuidedMeditation that sums up beautifully our thinking on the subject. We highly recommend listening to the first few minutes prior to the meditation starting to get a better understanding of why both, the journey and the destination are equally important and should be coordinated and harmonious. Who among us travels anywhere without planning their journey? 


Our journey's mission is easy to remember - just think (5) P's and (5) C's.

It goes like this:

To focus on PEOPLE with PASSION on PLATFORMS that deliver PRODUCTS with PURPOSE in COLLABORATION as a COMMUNITY providing CONTENT of value to CREATE opportunities for COMMERCE to flow in abundance.

Our collective focus will be on woking together toward continuous and sustainable improvement regardless of our current position in life. If can't afford to captain your own ship yet, perhaps you can earn your way up the ranks by working AND learning as a volunteer crew member or maybe you have a skillset that is needed and of value, whatever your status in life, if you are willing to put in the work and pay your dues, as we all must, we'll help you find a place among our fleets if at all possible.

Our journey has just begun, which is an exciting time in any venture, but we have a clear vision and an ever-expanding global fleet of 900 online platforms, we call ships, designed to navigate a decentralized web of value, where each ship has its' own Captain and Crew and the autonomy to define their own specific missions to explore as part of our fleet.  We welcome anyone interested and capable, of being captain of a ship to join us on our journey. Web 3.0 promises to be a digital universe full of surprises, with unexpected twists and turns, not for the faint at heart, but well worth the ride for those who seek the thrill of financial freedom that most only dream about.


Below is a current list of OUR CORE VALUES, it will improve and grow as we do. We like to refer to it often as a reminder of HOW we can maximize our chances for a rich and fulfilling journey as we reach our desired destination in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing who we are or want to be. Once we arrive at our destination, we celebrate our accomplishments and set our sites on the next destination and plan a new journey using the experience we've gained from our present journey - and so it goes, for all of us, whether collectively, consciously or not.


  • Integrity: being truthful and transparent in your communication
  • Straight talk: being clear and direct in your communication
  • Authenticity: being genuine and sincere in your communication


  • Learning: having a growth mindset and being willing to learn new things
  • Adaptability: being flexible and open to change
  • Persistence: being determined and resilient in the face of challenges


  • Curiosity: being interested in new ideas and perspectives
  • Empathy: being able to understand and appreciate different viewpoints
  • Tolerance: being accepting and non-judgmental of others


  • Kindness: showing empathy and concern for others
  • Generosity: being willing to give of oneself to help others
  • Service: actively seeking opportunities to help others


  • Innovation: seeking new and original ideas and approaches
  • Risk-taking: being willing to take chances and try new things
  • Problem-solving: finding creative solutions to challenges and obstacles


  • Respect: showing deference and respect to others
  • Gratitude: being appreciative of what one has and what others do as well
  • Self-awareness: having a realistic and humble view of oneself and abilities
At the end of the day, if the journey doesn't challenge us to grow, to live our best lives and push beyond our current comfort zone, while also being exciting and rewarding then the destination is simply not worth the trip. For people passionate about their work, who love what they do, the lines between "work and play" become blurred and virtually non-existent.

If you've made it this far then you are at least intrigued by our story and we want you to know, our story can become your story, too. Feel free to connect and tell us your story and where you are in this jurney called life.